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Reviewing, evolving even discussing the Brand can often become a very subjective and uncertain place to be.

Those charged with leading an organisation may have a desire to ‘take’ a Brand in a certain direction that they themselves define. Shareholders, employees (deliverers of ‘the Brand’), members, supporters, key customers, commissioners, activists; in fact any other stakeholders, might well have different perspectives and expressions of the Brand.

The Benchmarketing® system’s forensic linguistic analysis will elicit the voice of all stakeholders and match them into proven psychological constructs. These stakeholder defined constructs form a quantified, structural model for any Brand in order to overlay and compare different perspectives, different stakeholders and different Brands.

This unique Brand pyramid provides you with a structural blueprint for objective discussion; the appreciation of shared or diverse values; facilitate the navigation of a new direction; and a fast and effective way to maintain messaging consistency.

Benchmarketing® brand values to capitalise on your brand equity:

1. Evaluate delivery of your brand
2. Measure relevance and impact
3. Align people and processes
4. Monitor brand values
5. Optimise brand strength in interactions with the audience

reinforce rapport with your
brand by harnessing the
voice of the customer