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Why do some marketing communications work so well?
How do you replicate them?
Why do some disappoint?
How exactly do you improve on them?
Where do you start in developing new campaigns?
How do you assess the validity of new creative?

ESP's benchmarketing will measure and chart the structural reasons why communications match or mismatch the preferences of their audience and guide constructive change.
Benchmark marketing (benchmarketing) online to provides a scientific, direct and quantifiable way to apply voice of the customer audience insights to guide creative development for optimum effectiveness.

Benchmarketing® - How you can measure a Control and know you’re making it more responsive
Is it even possible to apply benchmarking quantitative metrics to marketing communications, creative work and qualitative research?

Imagine you are responsible for acquiring new donors from face to face, door to door or direct mail for a major charity. You are fortunate in that you have a strong Brand, a great cause with wide appeal and you have inherited several recruitment campaigns that for several years have attracted so many new donors and so much money they are the envy of other charities.

As a charity fundraiser, your problem is that these campaigns are starting to perform slightly less well each year. And your organisation has ‘updated’ its Branding. And with the creative looking dated and tired your colleagues are calling for a fresh approach.

Fortunately you still work with the Agency who produced the ‘champions’ so the brief is simple. Do the same - only different. And they have. And they look great.
They are fresh and bright and apparently include new versions of all the familiar direct marketing copy and image elements that have worked so well in the preceding campaigns so you have enthusiastically signed them off for testing.

So now your problem is this; that in the two years you have tested new challengers against the old champions, the new work has consistently failed to match (let alone) outperform the old campaigns.
Now that is curious. And the limited amount of market research you can do in the form of focus groups has produced unclear guidance or arguably, actually supports your judgement that the new campaigns were good to go.

So where next? This is where ESP's Benchmarketing® System can help



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