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improve response to customer
touch-points by harnessing the
voice of the customer

You probably have a number of ways in which you interact with your audiences. The Benchmarketing system provides unique customer profiles that use the customers’ own language to describe their preferences and motivations. These can be segmented by behaviour, psychometric profile or demographics. So any interaction with your customers can then be matched against this objective, virtual Customer Panel quickly, easily and systematically.

To date, the Benchmarketing® system has been applied to improve performance in many forms of interaction; face to face, online, email, telephone, sms, mail, print advertising, broadcast advertising and integrated combinations for CRM and customer stewardship programmes.
In the context of a specific touchpoint, understanding the experiences, motivations, expectations and obstacles for the customer enables comparisons related to different customer outcomes. It also allows analysis of the specific interaction. For example, analysis of Face to Face conversations enables comparisons of higher performing representatives versus the average and can produce a vital model for team development.

The flexibility of the system also allows consistent, comparative analysis of different forms of touchpoint. For example, the TV advertising that generates enquiries, the Contact Centre experience that deals with them and the Information Pack that is subsequently sent.
Benchmarketing® for more responsive customer touchpoints:

1. Understand concerns
2. Measure motivations
3. Build rapport
4. Delight and excite
5. Understand the thinking process