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A platform for more objective discussion, consistency and creative thinking

The University of Greenwich represent the best of a new generation of marketers in UK higher education. As universities increasingly have to compete for students both from home and overseas that translates into multiple streams of communications in a wide variety of formats across a wide range of media addressing dispersed audiences at various stages of a three year cycle of considering, enquiring, applying and joining.

This involves a sizeable team of people both internal and external who need to make limited budgets work as hard as possible. They also need to work together effectively to service the needs of individual faculties whilst also projecting the Brand values of the University.

Using ESP Benchmarketing the team has access to online testing within their own student and prospectus websites. This provides a real-time view of students and prospects and their motivational, structural and value preferences.

Based on this, the team is able to analyse and assess communications against a consistent and audience-based measure. This makes campaigns quicker and easier to develop. And, when appropriate the process of analysis allows the team members to review and discuss work objectively.aph here.

"The online objective customer panel is great. The information it provides will guide the development
of all future communications"

Alison Woods

Head of Marketing University of Greenwich