“A big thank you for all your efforts and hard work in bringing this together for us.  We are very happy with the final results, and we think the pack looks great."


Liz Burns

DM Officer
Blue Cross

The Blue Cross are experienced and successful Direct Marketers. A large proportion of the income that supports the organisation’s good work for animals is dependent on their skill in maximising the returns from their marketing spend.

Therefore, having developed a successful campaign Blue Cross recently set about refining the creative in order to maximise ROI. Having the means to measure those refinements and project the improvement in ROI would ensure accurate budgeting.

ESP deconstructed the campaign elements and entered the copy and visuals into the Benchmarketing® System. Knowing this to be the most successful creative, the system quantified and profiled the campaign’s main characteristics that we know correlated with the results.

The Benchmarketing® System identified specific attributes and prompted amendments that would increase their effect.

With these clear pointers, the new variant was produced quickly and easily and sign-off and production were straightforward.  The system was able to directly compare the original and the revision and quantify the differences. Based on those differences the system projected an response uplift of between 5% and 6%.

When tested head-to-head the original campaign continued to perform well. The new variant slightly exceeded the prediction with an 6.9% increased return on investment.

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