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It’s obvious that increasing retention of customers, members or donors has a profound and dramatic effect on the profitability of any marketing enterprise. The acquisition investment is recouped; the yield grows over time. CRM programmes will aim to up-sell, cross-sell and prompt loyalty.

So what are the underlying touchpoints, messages, images and style that lead to a customer deciding that you continue to meet their needs better than an alternative? Are they different to the motivations that brought them on board? How do they evolve over time?

And can the ‘loyalist’ be distinguished from the ‘deserter’ at the point of acquisition?

Using the Benchmarketing® system, you can clearly identify the beliefs, expectations, motivations and obstacles that correlate with those retention and attrition behaviours. Unique customer profiles are then instantly available online using the customers’ own language to describe their preferences and motivations. These customer defined profiles can be segmented by behaviour, psychometric profile or demographic and are ideal for outlining the touchpoints.
Comparative analysis of the materials themselves, intended to acquire, retain and develop those relationships can then provide an objective picture of how they do that now; and where the opportunities might be to increase their effectiveness.

Increase retention and commitment by Benchmarketing® loyalty:

1. Classify and chart why customers stay and why they go
2. Use predictive segmentation
3. Increase commitment
4. Understand barriers to change

increase retention and reduce attrition
by harnessing the voice of the customer