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gain new customers, members
or supporters by harnessing
the voice of the customer

What are the underlying messages, images and style that lead to a customer deciding that you meet their needs better than an alternative?

Do they figure differently when a new customer is first attracted to you, compared with them staying with you? And how do you best exploit the issues customers associate with any competitors?

And which of these messages, images and structural preferences are present in your marketing campaigns? Your online presence? Your follow up collaterals? Are they in the most appropriate proportions? Are they structured for optimum engagement and persuasion of your target audience?

Using the Benchmarketing® system's, forensic linguistics and iconography to identify the motivations and obstacles of your audience that are hidden within their everyday language, you can clearly identify the customer defined elements that will best engage, persuade and motivate your audience.

Comparative analysis of existing marketing (yours or competitors) gives a rigor and structure for internal stakeholders and provides a clear and powerful Brief for creative people which enables them to do their best – most effective – work

Apply Benchmarketing® to market share and gain more customers AND sales cost effectively:

1. Understand buying behaviour
2. Directly influence behaviour
3. Predict barriers to purchase
4. Optimise USP's
5. Increase response rates to marketing communications