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When BMW wanted to optimise the positioning of the 3 and 5 Series they included ESP in-depth interviews with recent purchasers and ESP analysis of current TV advertising and marketing materials.

When the customer verbatims were analysed by the benchmarketing system they produced profiles that could be broadly aligned with existing Brand values. However, the analysis identified particular areas of motivation and structural preference that were important to customers but were under-represented in the Brand positioning.

Specific features highlighted by the analysis were an imbalance between the Brand’s delivery of Detail and Logic and the customers’ use of Abstract ideas and more Feeler or Kinaesthetic language. In particular, when laddering down through the expected references to ‘engineering’, ‘quality’ and ‘performance were their descriptions of what they felt when they sat in the BMW.

Supported by the associated customer language patterns, the profiles formed the basis of briefings and workshops with in-house teams and external agencies.

The subsequent campaigns changed visual style, copy and the strap line; from ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ to ‘Joy’.

The following year, Market Share increased from 4.95% to 5.39% when only Audi came close to BMW in protecting its sales and brands such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Saab and Jaguar lost share.

Insight into consistency and processes across marcoms were very useful with lots of learnings that can be brought back into the business.

“Excellent mix, specifically on copy, customer insight and how it translates”

Lulu Sullivan

Account Manager

from the ultimate driving machine to...