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"'Hearts' has outperformed the phenomenally successful five year control recruitment mailpack called 'Gingerbread'"


Dona Selby

Director of Marketing

improving the response of a fundraising direct mail control pack

Many campaigns are a ‘leap of faith’ or are supported by limited research. Even when testing is possible, we probably want to know the test has a high likelihood of success

Engagement with your audience, persuasion and motivation, are all improved when you optimise your match with their motivations and structural preferences.

When Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital first used the ESP system, they already had very successful campaigns running to recruit new supporters. But, they needed to develop new campaigns and over a five year period each attempt to replace the old ones had resulted in disappointment.

ESP interviewed a sample of new donors and entered verbatim outputs into the system producing motivational profiles for that specific behaviour. When the copy and visuals from the GOSH campaigns were entered onto the system distinct profiles emerged that differentiated the newer test campaigns from the old ‘champions’.

These quantitative creative profiles formed a brief that gave GOSH’s agency clear direction for new copy and design.

When tested head-to-head, the old ‘champion’ continued to deliver excellent results. However, their new creative produced increased response and larger gifts; an increase in ROI of 42%.

It's a very competitive world, especially at Christmastime. Benchmarketing helped to create a mailing that more people want to open.