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It may be relatively easy to ask people what they think of prototypes, concepts or initial ideas; but it is often difficult to interpret the findings into constructive next steps; and how do you avoid directing or limiting the feedback by having those initial ideas?

What is most valuable is the ability to identify and measure the fundamental needs and issues of an audience as a platform and a template for more objective and original thinking.Using the Benchmarketing® system, you can identify the underlying motivations, expectations and obstacles for an audience based on their discussions of actual experiences with existing or related products; either yours or another provider’s.

Analysed at a deeper level and combined with the ESP Structured Thinking system which uses techniques that channel the development process through a set of common patterns shared by all inventive solutions, Benchmarketing® provides you with a platform for clear, objective thinking and quantifiable assessment of ideas.

All inspired, but not dictated, by the Voice of the Customer.
Maximise market opportunities by Benchmarketing® product development:

1. Identify ways to add value
2. Understand usage behaviour
3. Predictive segmentation
4. Develop customer driven line extensions
5. Competitive product evaluation

design products that exceed
customer expectations by harnessing
the voice of the customer