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Benchmarketing® is a proprietary system that uses a combination of NLP, behavioural psychology, psychometrics, forensic linguistics and iconography to identify the motivations and obstacles of your audience that are hidden within their everyday language. Specifically designed to recognise, categorise and measure the triggers for positive and negative behaviour, Benchmarketing® uses proven psychological constructs to create an objective model of the true Voice of the Customer.

Verbatim inputs (either from ESP research or from other research sources you may have) are processed to objectively identify, define and quantify your customers’ motivations and obstacles.

Unique customer profiles can then be instantly compiled from the core model and presented using the customers’ own language to describe their preferences and motivations. These can be segmented by behaviour, psychometric profile or demographics

Any interaction with your customers can then be matched against this objective, virtual Customer Panel quickly, easily and systematically. Communications and audiences can be directly and easily compared with each other with a quantitative, objective and actionable methodology. Subjective ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes’ are replaced by objective guidance that is ideal (particularly when integrated with results analysis) for optimising Brand positioning, marketing campaigns and the development of ‘control beating’ creative.

Above all, the benchmarketing system is designed to deliver results.

The Benchmarketing® System proprietary software is owned by Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) Limited and available under license. Benchmarketing® is a registered trademark of ESP Limited.

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